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Shop here for Lords of Adventure merchandise and wooden training weapons hand carved by Roger Awesome.

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The Adventurer’s Handbook

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Wooden Training Weapons by T.J. Miller

All weapons are hand made and laminated for extra strength.  Each sword is made of three pieces of hardwood so the grain from each piece reinforces the whole weapon.  We used these swords in our show all year and they took a serious beating with little ill effect to the blades.  They are also beautiful and well-finished.  If you are interested contact TJ at for an estimate on delivery time and pricing.  Custom work is available.  I can create virtually any type of sword you would like if you give me pictures and measurements, and can also use various types of wood including oak, ash, walnut, cherry, birch or others depending on your needs or for aesthetic purposes.

The grain from all three pieces of wood reinforce the whole. 

The process starts with rough wood like this, all the way to the finished product.

Krabi:  $45 each or $80/pair

Bokken:  $50 each

or $90/pair

We used the krabis all year and were not easy on them.  They held up amazingly.