The Adventurer’s Handbook

The Adventurer’s Code

~Always make a proper entrance

~Get the ball rolling

~When you act, act with confidence

~Love deeply and without regret

~Abandon regret and guilt

~Live with Passion

The Be’s of Adventuring


~Be Loving

~Be Strong

~Be Flexible

~Be Bold

~Be Awesome

~Be Honest

~Be in the Present

~Be Who You Want to Be

~Be Humble, Exude Confidence

You will learn to live your life according to the Code of the Adventurer and the Be’s of Adventuring.  Be a hero in your daily life.  Choose to be a hero, or be a victim by accident.

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    “The road of the Adventurer is the path of the hero.  This path is not for the weak of heart or the mild of constitution, for the adventurer follows the path of action.  Scholars record the path, dreamers dream about the path, but the adventurer walks the path, always moving forward on the quest for a life of adventurer and meaning.” 

~excerpt from the Adventurer’s Handbook

    It is our firm belief at the Lords of Adventure, that everyone has a hidden hero living inside them.  The Adventurer’s Guide is a handbook to help you bring that hero out and change your life from something mundane, into something epic.  Our perspective shapes our world and if we choose to see life as an adventure it will be. 

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