The Adventurer’s Guild

What is the

Adventurer’s Guild

    “The Adventurer’s Guild is a journey.  It can be an aid to releasing one’s inner Lord or Lady of Adventure.  It is a group of fans of the Lords of Adventure show.  The Adventurer’s Guild is fun, but it also may be a chance to begin a journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling life.”

~Excerpt from the Adventurer's Handbook

“No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”

~John Donne

Guild Levels

The Novice  (AG pin)

The Apprentice (wood medallion)

The Journeyman (bronze  medallion)

The Adventurer (silver medallion)

The Veteran (gold medallion)

The Master Adventurer (bone medallion)

    Our good friend and fellow adventurer Bryan Beard once said that he joined an organization because he felt there was no place for men to get together and help each other be better men.  The Guild provides this.

    The Adventurer’s Guild is our way of giving back, a place for people to get together and help each other be better people.  True adventurers are a part of their world and we are here to get each other’s backs.

How to Join the Guild

Joining the guild is simple and membership is free.  All you need to do is let us know that you wish to be in the Guild.  Your quests to achieve level 1 is simply to let us know you wish to join the Guild, give us an email or tell us in person.  If you wish to have a pin to denote your level we can get you one.  But the important thing for us, is that you make the effort to let us know you wish to join the Guild and embark on a life of adventure.  We will email you back and let you know what the quests are to achieve level 2 and you will be on your way. 

You can also find all the information about the Guild in our Handbook if you wish to buy one. Included are all quests and details to achieve the various levels of the Guild.

Click the photos above to see the Hall of Heroes!

Email us today to join the Guild, membership is free!!!